About Us

We’re all about helping you find the best bread makers on the market. Bread makers are important, versatile pieces of equipment just about everyone could benefit from, and we firmly believe that everyone should look into getting one. We also believe that everyone who gets one is entitled to accurate information that will lead them to the best purchases they can make. You wouldn’t buy a car without researching the brand and competitors, nor would you buy a fridge without thinking. So why buy a bread maker that way? It costs less than both, but in principle, it’s still important to figure things out before you buy.

About Us

Our Mission

We make it our priority to select from the best brands and products on the market so you can trust that the reviews we offer are for the best of the best. More than that, we try to be as selective and exclusive as possible when choosing what to review and during reviews, so that you can rest assured that all products you read are good, actually are. We also try to make clear what you need to look for. Everyone has different reasons for wanting, or not wanting, to buy a bread maker, and it’s important to consider those reasons when you make your selection. Here, we aim to help you do that as far as we can.

What We Do

At the end of the way, what we do can be summarized in one phrase. We find the best bread makers out there, and bring them to you. This way, you don’t have to spend time perusing Amazon reviews or asking around at the local stores to figure out what best suits your needs. We’ll have it here, for you, already, so the work will be done and all you’ll have to worry about is adding the right bread maker to your cart and hitting the “buy” button.

How We Do It

When we open up a product, we don’t judge it based on how it looks or what we want from a bread maker. We try to do our best to make sure we look at the machine through your eyes. We want to know if it features what you want, is capable of performing the functions you want it to perform, is as convenient as you want it to be, and as durable as you need it to be. We’ll make notes of special things here and there you should keep in mind if they’re relevant, all in the interest of helping you do what you need to do. Most importantly, we put every bread maker to the test with our special recipe and have our taste buds give their opinion as well.


Ultimately, we are all about serving you. We want you to accurately be able to determine whether or not you need a bread maker, to be able to determine which to buy, to be able to find the best deals, to understand the subtleties of this versus that. If we succeed in doing that – and we believe we will – we will be happy.