How to Make the Perfect Bread

Bakers have been practicing for centuries to develop the perfect bread. Many have come close to succeeding. Some actually have. Unfortunately, these perfect breads aren’t readily available at the corner store, and even if they were, they’d be far more expensive than you’d probably want them to be. The perfect bread doesn’t have to be an experience restricted only to the family members of the world’s most brilliant bakers, though – there is a secret to making it in your own home. There are a few ways, in fact. Shall we?

The Brick Oven

If you have a whole ton of money and space sitting around collecting dust, install a brick oven. It’ll cost a fortune and take up a huge chunk of space in the kitchen, sure, but if you’ve got a brick oven and some baking know-how, you’ll be able to produce the perfect loaf. It’ll take some practice after the investment, sure, and it’ll probably be more trouble than it’s worth when you figure it out, but it’s the classical, “authentic” option. And hey, many people actually do like using home brick ovens to make bread and pizza – for some, this works.

The Bread Maker

But, it only works for some. If, like the rest of us, you don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars sitting around for you to spend on a kitchen renovation, consider a bread maker. They’re cheap, they’re easy to use, and they can make just about anything you want them to make. Want French bread? Easy peasy. Light-crust multigrain from an artisan dough? Also a possibility. Some bread makers can even make jams that you can spread on your fresh-made bread. How’s that for versatility?

How to Make the Perfect Bread

The question here, is, of course, whether or not a bread maker can produce the “perfect” bread an “authentic” expert with an “authentic” kitchen could. The answer is: Yes. Sure, the baker might be able to make something special the bread maker can’t, and make it perfectly, but it’s unlikely he or she will be able to bake anything the machine can bake any better than the machine can. Humans are fallible creatures, and experience in the kitchen helps you make fewer mistakes – that’s the mark of a great baker. But, a machine can get it right, every time, without even thinking about it. As long as you measure your ingredients right, you can bet your bread maker will do the job… And do it perfectly.

The perfect bread. Something you either make in a full-blown kitchen, or in the comfort of your own home, at the counter-top, with a machine engineered to do it for you. It might not feel authentic, look authentic, or speak with the authentic French accent that you get at the local bakery, but when you get your loaf of bread and bite into it, you won’t care how the machine looks, sounds, or feels. You’ll care that the bread is, as you want it to be, perfect. If you’re still not convinced that you need a bread maker, read our article on the subject here: