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Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Review

Sometimes you come across a product that can do everything. It’s rare, but it does happen. Meeting the Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme is an example of one of those times. This Zojirushi machine is a powerhouse. It’s durable, versatile, easy to use, and will serve you well in just about every capacity you could expect it to. On Amazon, it boasts an impressive 4.5/5 stars out of over 600 reviews, making it one of the beset reviewed products in its class and one of the best reviewed bread machines on the site.


The Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme is a charm to use because there’s nothing to it. You add the ingredients, hit a few buttons, press ‘start’, and forget about it. Come back a few hours later and you’ll find a freshly baked, warm loaf of bread waiting to be eaten. There’s really nothing to it, other than learning what ingredients you need for what kinds of bread. No matter what you want – dinner rolls, cinnamon-raisin bread, garlic bread sticks, french loaves (all of which you can make with the Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme, by the way) – this machine will do it, and it will do it well, quickly, and efficiently.

Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Bread maker review

Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Bread Maker

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The Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme takes the cake (takes the loaf?) for its incredible versatility. It can produce everything from dinner rolls to light-crust wheat loaves, meaning you’ll be able to bake any kind of bread you could imagine for any situation that might rise (get it?). The Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme can even produce gluten-free breads, and can handle white, wheat, sour dough, artisan-style breads, bread sticks, dinner rolls, and other such specialty breads with ease. When it comes to bread, the Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme can’t be beat.

But it doesn’t stop there. This machine can produce cakes, as well, and can even be used to prepare jams, cakes, meatloaf, and a whole lot more. Grab two, and make meatloaf and dinner rolls at the same time with zero effort. Alternatively, make your dinner elsewhere, bake some bread, and then bake a cake while you’re eating. It’s almost impossible to find something you can’t do with the Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme, even if you try to look.


The Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme is made to be easy to use. Even though you have more options than you could probably imagine a bread machine having, it’s never a hassle choosing the right settings: They’re all laid out right in front of you. All you need to do is point to the right one, add some ingredients, and let the Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme do its job. The only thing you might have to do that’s not as easy as hitting buttons is clean it, but even that’s usually easy. A swipe or two with your favorite kitchen towel should do the job. No matter how you look at it, the Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme is a top-of-the-line machine. If you’ve got the cash, give it a shot. 5/5.

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